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Why We Love Dermalogica

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Why We Love Dermalogica

At Jenks Beauty College, we aim to provide the best experience for our esthetics students and guests. To be great, we need great products! That is why we choose to work with Dermalogica. The list could go on but we want to point out a few of the most important reasons why we love their company and products!

Industry Leaders

Dermalogica has been in the industry of beauty for more than 25 years. They are aware of the ever-changing industry of beauty. Therefore, they continue to grow and develop their products to stay relevant in the industry and to continue to meet the needs of their consumers. Knowing that they have 25+ years of industry experience provides our students with the confidence to fully embrace their education and future career.

We take pride in our partnership with the prestigious skincare company. They are widely acknowledged as the preferred choice for skin professionals across the map. Not only do our future professionals love using the brand, our student-salon guests love our choice in product, too. Our students are thoroughly trained in the utilization of Dermalogica products and all of the benefits that they hold.

The Products

No one would want to put harmful chemicals and additives on their skin knowingly. Just because it’s sold as a skincare item doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for your skin. Dermalogica chooses to leave out common ingredients that can often lead to breakouts and irritation including lanolin, SD alcohol, artificial colors and fragrances, and mineral oil.

There are no two people with the exact same skin needs. Everyone’s skin is going to be slightly different and we understand that! Our students use their knowledge and training in Dermalogica to create a plan of action to achieve every guest’s skin goals. From consultations and recommendations to personalized treatments and systems, our students are here to provide people in the Tulsa area with the perfect option for taking care of their skin.


They make sure that anyone who is using their products has the proper training and education provided to them. Learning should never cease so they provide a network for learning students to continue to grow and learn throughout their careers in the industry.

By incorporating Dermalogica products and education into our Esthetics curriculum, we are able to provide the Tulsa area with reputable educational opportunities for potential students and affordable skincare treatments for potential guests.


Are you in dire need of some professional skin treatment? Show your skin some love and contact us today to schedule a skincare appointment! If you’re a potential student that loves the thought of getting to work with such an established brand like Dermalogica, schedule a tour of our school to learn more about our Esthetics program!

Remedies for Dry Winter Skin and Hair

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Winter is a tough time for our skin and hair. The cold Winter air is incredibly drying, and if you are outside a lot, the wind also takes its toll. We compiled a list of the best solutions for treating dry skin and hair and how to prevent it from happening!

Dry Hair Prevention

There are several ways to prevent dry hair from happening, and while sometimes they don’t always work for everyone, you should give them a try to see what’s best for you!

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil locks in moisture. Keeping your hair moisturized (but not sopping with product) is good to do before Winter hits. This should always be in your hair routine.

Don’t Use Products Containing Alcohol

Alcohol is a diuretic. Diuretics speed up the process of dehydration. Not only will it dehydrate your hair if you use products that have it in their ingredients list, it will dry out your hair if you consume too much of it leisurely.

Handle Your Hair With Care

Rubbing your hair in a towel and jerking a comb or brush through it with force will break your hair. This will cause your hair to dry out quickly. Always handle your hair with care. Use a t-shirt or microfiber towel to pat your hair dry, not rub. Gently use a wide-tooth comb to detangle.

Deep Condition

Deep condition often. Whether you have dry hair or not, this is a step that shouldn’t be missed! Once a week is ideal, depending on your hair condition. A deep condition helps your hair repair from heat damage and other traumas.

Chill With the Heat

Give your hair a break every once in awhile. Using the flat iron or blow dryer everyday can leave your hair feel brittle and dry. ALWAYS use a heat protectant spray.

Dry Hair Remedies

We’ve all been there. Not everyone is taught the ways of dry hair prevention when they first start styling their own hair. Here are a few remedies to help you repair dry hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This vinegar is basically an MVP for your body. Create a hair mask using olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and eggs to treat dry hair. Do this once or twice a week depending on your hair’s condition.

Coconut Oil

Massage virgin coconut oil into the hair and scalp, and let it sit for a few hours. Rinse and enjoy. This will help repair your hair. Continue treatments to keep your hair looking happy.


Avocado is jam packed with all sorts of vitamins. Avocados are known for making hair stronger and healthier. Create a hair mask to use once every few weeks.

Dry Skin Prevention

Some people have had dry skin their whole lives. Others see their skin changing with the weather. Whatever type of person you are, you can use these prevention techniques to keep supple skin all Winter long.

Take Warm Showers

Be sure to limit your shower time and use warm water. Hot water is known to dry out your skin. While a steamy shower can open your pores and allow your skin to be cleansed, you should not be taking 30 minute steam showers. Steam your face every once in awhile for a thorough cleansing and keep your daily showers at a warm temperature.

Use Gentle Face and Body Soaps

Some body washes contain harsh drying chemicals. You will want to avoid any that contain alcohol and other diuretics. Look for sensitive or dry skin labels when shopping for soaps.

Use a Lotion

Use a lotion after showering. Make sure this moisturizer is for dry or sensitive skin and is gentle, like your body wash. A light coating on the body will help prevent flakey skin.

Dry Skin Remedies

You may not be able to prevent dry skin, but there are certainly ways to treat it and lower its intensity.

Olive Oil

Use olive oil as a natural moisturizer. Rub it into your skin and let it sit. Wipe off excess oil to remove grease.

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt helps slough off dry, dead skin cells and promotes cell growth. It is also very moisturizing and cool, which helps heal and comfort dry patches.

Be Gentle

Like your hair, your skin can be roughed up very easily. Make sure to pat and not rub your skin dry after showers. Don’t scratch or pick and dry patches, and make sure to eat well!

Remember, these remedies and prevention tips are not meant to replace advice from a hair specialist or dermatologist. Always be sure to consult an expert in hair and skin for the best advice.

If you’re interested in becoming an esthetician or cosmetologist, contact us or visit the esthetics or cosmetology program pages!

Fall do’s and don’ts. Trend or end?

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Everyone should know the universal hair and makeup rules of fall vs summer. Unfortunately, not everyone does. Don’t question yourself every day of fall; read our helpful do’s and don’ts and let us ease your mind!


DO: Add some lowlights to your hairshadow root

Why: Summer is all about the sun-kissed hair. Once falls rolls around and winter is in the horizon, it’s fun to add some color back into your hair.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by George Chinsee/WWD/REX Shutterstock (5074220c) Kylie Jenner Opening Ceremony show, Spring Summer 2016, New York Fashion Week, America - 13 Sep 2015Trend: We don’t mean going from platinum to pitch black but maybe add a shadow root to your look. It’s fun, easy and not too intense. It’s just the right amount of change for your fall look! Let our student stylists help you decide exactly what is the best fall look for you! Schedule an appointment today.


DON’T: Continue your spray tan membership

Why: Ladies, spray tans are a perfect way to get that bronzed glow in the summer and we are glad you are staying out of the tanning beds. BUT in the fall, the temperature drops, leaves fall and everyone’s skin get a little lighter. It’s normal. You don’t want to look like an oompa loompa that ran away from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.oompa loompa

Trend: Pale skin is in. Embrace your natural skin tone and lose the tanning membership. You’ll save yourself some time, money, and more than likely some laundry detergent because no more yucky orange stained clothes.


DO: Join the back to school crowd

Why: We know that education was one of the last things on your mind this summer, but it’s important. If traditional schooling wasn’t your thing, don’t give up on education all together. Here at Sand Springs/Jenks Beauty College we offer a creative route to education. Our cosmetology program offers many different options.

back to school 2Trend: Cosmetology is on the rise. The demand for cosmetology professionals is promising. Most people like to think that behind the chair is the only route to take with a degree in cosmetology but they are not right. Instructor, salon owner, makeup artists, runway stylists estheticians or a beauty product salesperson are all alternative professions you can take up with a degree in cosmetology. Call and talk to our admissions team today!


DON’T: Wear the same pastel nail colors you were wearing this summerfall nails

Why: The pastel pinks and purples were a hit this summer but it’s time to come to the dark side. When people think of fall they think Hallownailseen and Thanksgiving; those don’t really resonate with pinks and purples. Bottom line: with the leaves changing, so should your nail color.

Elle Magazine is showing us that some of the top trends this falls are darker blues and greens, even get playful with some deeper reds. You can still have fun and throw some golden sparkles in to liven up your darker colors.


Did you know that manicuring is also a part of cosmetology school? If hair, skin and nails sound like your definition of fun, then contact our admissions team today and see if cosmetology is the right path for you! Now  that you have all some do’s and don’ts of fall, DON’T wait to contact us!


What is Esthetics?

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Esthetics is a profession full of exciting opportunities and career satisfaction, but what exactly is an Esthetician and what do they do?

Learn about the field of esthetics or check out our program and see if this career path is the right one for you!

Defining Esthetics

The field of esthetics is essentially the professional study and maintenance of skin and skincare for the face and body. It includes makeup, waxing, lashes, laser treatments, and more!

At Jenks Beauty College, our esthetics course is designed to train the students in the basic manipulative skills, safety judgements, and proper work habits needed to work in the industry as an esthetician. We work diligently to prepare our students to pass the state board examination after they graduate from our course.

Plus, studying esthetics is fun, since a lot of it is focused on the basics of beauty. Learning how to give clients a beautiful glow from healthier skin gives them confidence. It’s easy to see that the field for esthetics careers is only going to grow in demand, and earning potential.

Working in the field of esthetics and skincare, the median income of Skincare Specialists in May of 2015 is  approximately $16-17 hourly, which averages as  $34,000 or more annually.

Nationwide, the median level wage is $14.42 meaning that most licensed professionals earn more per hour than the national average. This means the difference in your potential earnings.

Why Esthetics?

Being a licensed esthetician opens doors for both a stable earning potential and for continuing education; which in turn makes it possible to continue earning higher wages.

Licensed estheticians also have a bit more variety when it comes to selecting a career path.

Esthetics falls into the category of beauty and lifestyle, referring to salons and day spas. Esthetics also has a place in the medical and healthcare fields, professionals with the proper certifications can work in medical spas performing botox treatments and more aggressive skin services.

This also includes laser hair removal, micro-blading, and permanent makeup.

Jenks Beauty College provides the foundational education needed to become licensed as a basic esthetician and to continue with the education needed  to specialize in the medical wellness field.

The Jenks Difference  

Plain and simple, we are here to provide a thorough and well-rounded beauty education for those interested in pursuing a rewarding, and financially stable career.

On average the cost of attending a cosmetology or esthetics program in the United States ranges anywhere from just under $10,000 to more than $20,000.

At Jenks Beauty College, we’re interested in training skilled professionals. Our cost of attendance is significantly lower, and – depending on your financial aid eligibility – this can mean a much lower out-of-pocket cost.
Jenks Beauty College and our sister school, Sand Springs Beauty College, have provided cosmetology and esthetics education to the suburbs of Tulsa for several decades. With a board-exam pass rate of more than 90%, you can trust you will get an education that you can use to reach your goals.

What Skills do You Need to Become a Cosmetologist?

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What Skills do You Need to Become a Cosmetologist?

Schooling and licensure are only technical requirements to become a cosmetologist. A skilled cosmetologist can surpass the rudimentary skills of scissor work to help others look their best.  Cosmetology classes can help bring out the basics but often times having the right skills and qualities will help you make a career.


Cosmetology is an expression of creativity in the practical world. Not every client will come to their cosmetologist with a perfect plan of what they want for their look. So as a cosmetologist you need to have the creativity to envision a hairstyle that fits that person. They may be spunky or sweet, but each person deserves to look their best. Cosmetologists also need to be able to translate a client’s vision to the real world to keep them completely satisfied.

Creativity also comes with preparation work. A good cosmetologist will keep up on trends and know the lingo to speak the customer’s language. By taking the time to peruse Pinterest and other hairstyle ideas you gain a bank of creativity to draw from. Take the concepts and apply them appropriately.

People Skills

Cosmetologists often rely on word of mouth and internet reviews, for customers. People will trust their friends, but they also will trust the majority opinion if they can find it. Listen to clients, they are the one’s who showcase your work everyday. Listening helps you and the client create the right vision for each person. Cosmetologists should be easy to talk to and sincerely engaged with each client.

Another part of people skills is recognizing when to talk and when to not. Some clients just want their hair to be cut, quickly and well so they can get on with their lives. Others will be chatty and personal with you. Having the sense of how to relate to each person can really help you cosmetology career.

Physical Skills

Physical skills refers to not only the ability to cut, style and color but also to physical stamina and dexterity. Cosmetologists spend long hours on their feet and will also have to hold their hands and arms in an upright position while styling. Having the physical capability to maintain a steady hand is a vital skill for good work. You will also use nimble fingers to make coordinated, precise movements to style and cut.

These are just a few of the skills that you’ll learn at our cosmetology program at Sand Springs & Jenks Beauty College. We’re proud of the curriculum we teach and expect that your natural abilities will translate to an awesome passion. Our courses come with extensive hands-on learning to maximize your potential. You’ll learn what you need to successfully pass the state board exam but more importantly develop the skills you need to make a lifelong career out of it.  Call us today if you think you have what it takes to become a great cosmetologist!

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