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Male MUAs Who Are Paving the Way

Some of our favorite makeup artists are new and trendy male MUAs who are showing off their skills on social media. If you’re not following these guys, you’re missing out! Check out our top 5!

1. Manny Gutierrez

2. James Charles

3. Patrick Starrr

4. Bretman Rock

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5. Michael Finch

Who are your favorite male MUAs? Share with us in the comments below!

Cosmetology: The Perfect Career for Moms

mother with daughter laughing in bed

Being a mom is a job in and of itself. Adding a full-time job to the equation seems nearly impossible. Between the soccer practices, theater rehearsals, and the dreaded parent/teacher conferences, where is the time for a career? We admire that moms always seem to put their children first, but we think it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. How, you ask? Cosmetology! A future in beauty could be the answer to your inner career debate. Here are some reasons why we think that cosmetology is the ideal career for moms.



Who doesn’t love to choose their own schedule? Trying to fit in a 9-5 while being the glue of your family is not ideal for most women. As a cosmetologist, you can build your work schedule around your mom schedule.Cosmetology allows you to put what really matters first, and that’s your family! Never miss another ballet recital or family dinner again.
Beauty Industry

It’s a Growing Industry

The world of cosmetology is on a path of continual upward growth. It’s predicted that between 2012 and 2022, cosmetology jobs are expected to grow at 13%. Growth is something that one should always look for in a career choice. Without growth, your career could easily become stagnant and that isn’t something that anyone wants. With such high rates of growth and progress in the world of beauty, your career options are countless! The best parts are that there are cosmetology careers offered across the globe! Once your kiddos grow up and decide to attend college across the country, no problem! You can pack your bags and tag along. Is being an overbearing mama bear really a bad thing? Yeah right!

Adult Interactions

We aren’t saying that you don’t cherish each and every moment with your children because we know that’s not true. As an adult, though, as much as you enjoy the in-depth discussions of Dora The Explorer and nap time, it’s normal to crave adult interactions. In cosmetology, you get to mingle with various crowds ranging from CEOs to school teachers. You will get to meet all different types of people throughout your day! Each day will consist of new people and new conversations. Aw, just imagine the intriguing and mind growing conversations that are to be had. By the time your day comes to an end, you will actually look forward to an extensive, Scooby Doo convo.

You Become a Role Model for Your Kids

As a cosmetologist, you wear more than one hat and answer to more than one title. You are a saleswoman, an artist, a trendsetter, and not to mention, an entrepreneur. Your kids will learn that they can be anything they want to be if they put their minds to it! You can lead by example and become an inspirational figure for your children to look up to.

It’s Never Too Late to Start

More often than not, as a maternal instinct, moms choose to put themselves last and always place their family before them. They slowly push their goals further and further behind until they seem utterly unattainable. At that point, they are usually put away and forgotten. We have good news, though, there is no age limit in cosmetology. There is no timeline as to when you can become a cosmetologist.

“Even if you think the tentacles of security have already wrapped themselves around you and you can’t move because of your obligations, it’s never too late-there are always unlimited ways to follow your dreams, and it is much easier than you think.” – Rhonda Byrne

We know how intimidating starting something new can be. You owe it to yourself to follow your dreams, so don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. As we mentioned before, we truly admire the dedication and hard work that goes into being a mother. That is why we offer flexible class schedules like night classes to accommodate your motherly obligations! If you want a way to express your creativity and you need flexibility, then check out our cosmetology program and see if a career in beauty is the right path for you! You can also learn more about what your journey through cosmetology school will look like by clicking here.

Love Your Skin! Skincare Tips to Make You Shine!

heart made of skin lotion

At Jenks Beauty College, we love the skin we’re in! Our esthetics students are here to learn how to make their clients feel the same way. That’s why we’ve partnered with skincare leader Dermalogica. We know that, at every age, skin problems can be a burden. Here are a few things you can do for your skin at any age.

For every age, skin needs a good SPF, exfoliation, a good cleanser for your skin type, and you need to drink lots of water. These rules will reign true for each of these age groups!

Teens to Late 20s

Remember to wash your face. It may seem trivial, but washing your face twice in a day, once in the morning and once at night, will help keep oiliness at bay.
Hands off. Avoid touching or picking at your face. This can clog pores and create acne.
Avoid a diet that is high in sugar. Sugar causes bacterial growth on your skin, resulting in acne.
Find an esthetician that can help you achieve your goals.

Late 20s to Late 30s

Moisturize. The sun isn’t the only part of mother nature that can wear your skin down. Protect your skin from a variety of other environmental factors by using a moisturizer.
Start adding anti-aging products into your routine.
If you don’t have one already, get yourself an esthetician you can trust. They can help you get the right products and treatments for your skin.

Early 40s to Late 50s

Create your own skincare routine. Every age requires a new skincare routine. Your skin is growing and changing just like you. Your needs in your 20s will differ from the needs in your 30s. Make sure to find a product that fits you. As we’ve mentioned before, find an esthetician who can help you make the right skincare decisions.
Collagen. Keep your skin supple and wrinkle free by adding a moisturizer with collagen to your routine.
Focus on your under-eye area. The skin under your eyes is delicate. Find a product that will help you keep that area moisturized and firm.

Late 50s and Above

Antioxidant rich moisturizers and eye creams. This will help keep down inflammation.
Add a retinoid to your nighttime routine. Retinoids help pores become smaller. They also boost collagen.
Moisture! Finding a moisturizer that is also an SPF is a bonus!

There are several products you can purchase to help accomplish the skincare goals you want, but there are also a few DIY options out there, too! Check out these recipes for easy-to-make masks to use when you can’t get to our student spa! Do you have any skincare tips? Share them with us on social media!

The best tip we can give above all is to love your skin! If you love the skin you’re in, you will have a youthful, inviting glow that comes from within. Make sure to check out the services we offer in our spa, and see what one of our student estheticians can do for you. If you’re interested in helping people look their best, check out our esthetics program!

Love Where You Live

multi colored gift boxes

The holiday season is almost in full swing. There are many opportunities to give and receive gifts from family and friends, but have you given back to your local community yet? Jenks and Tulsa have several volunteer and charity events happening throughout the months of November and December. Get ready to fill other’s hearts with joy (and yours too)! Here are a few of the events you can participate in:

Bell Ringing in Tulsa

Interested in raising money for The Salvation Army and The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Tulsa? Volunteer to become a bell ringer on Saturdays from November 17-December 24. The donations go to the surrounding Tulsa community. See more information about volunteering here.

Christmas for Kids

Help sort and organize gifts for kids in the Tulsa foster care system. This volunteer opportunity is hosted by OKDHS Christmas for Kids Program. This event starts on December 2 and goes until the 21st. Ready to make a difference in a child’s life? Volunteer here.

Reading Partner

From now until May of 2017, you can help Tulsa Legacy Charter School students learn to read at their grade level. As a volunteer, you could be a part of a child’s learning foundation. See their volunteer page for more info on signing up.

Hospice Friend

Assist terminally ill patients by being a companion. Rivercross Hospice is looking for volunteers in Tulsa to spend time with patients doing things like reading aloud, running errands, making phone calls, and doing household chores. You can also help them do fun activities like painting their nails and writing letters. Find out how to sign up and integrate this event into your schedule by checking out their volunteer page.

Foster an Animal

Animals in Tulsa are looking for couches to sleep on! ARF’s German Shepherd Rescue and are looking for loving homes to house foster animals. See how you can be a part of this great opportunity in Tulsa.

Hospice Volunteer

Miller Hospice is on the hunt for loving volunteers who can assist end-of-life patients and families with everyday tasks and events. If you want to help a Tulsa family handle the stress of end-of-life care, this might be the perfect match. See their event page to sign up.

Jenks Beauty College encourages all of our students and neighbors to do good to feel good! Interested in attending a school that gives back to the community? Jenks may be the perfect place for you! Check out our programs or contact us today.

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