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What is Esthetics?


Esthetics is a profession full of exciting opportunities and career satisfaction, but what exactly is an Esthetician and what do they do?

Learn about the field of esthetics or check out our program and see if this career path is the right one for you!

Defining Esthetics

The field of esthetics is essentially the professional study and maintenance of skin and skincare for the face and body. It includes makeup, waxing, lashes, laser treatments, and more!

At Jenks Beauty College, our esthetics course is designed to train the students in the basic manipulative skills, safety judgements, and proper work habits needed to work in the industry as an esthetician. We work diligently to prepare our students to pass the state board examination after they graduate from our course.

Plus, studying esthetics is fun, since a lot of it is focused on the basics of beauty. Learning how to give clients a beautiful glow from healthier skin gives them confidence. It’s easy to see that the field for esthetics careers is only going to grow in demand, and earning potential.

Working in the field of esthetics and skincare, the median income of Skincare Specialists in May of 2015 is  approximately $16-17 hourly, which averages as  $34,000 or more annually.

Nationwide, the median level wage is $14.42 meaning that most licensed professionals earn more per hour than the national average. This means the difference in your potential earnings.

Why Esthetics?

Being a licensed esthetician opens doors for both a stable earning potential and for continuing education; which in turn makes it possible to continue earning higher wages.

Licensed estheticians also have a bit more variety when it comes to selecting a career path.

Esthetics falls into the category of beauty and lifestyle, referring to salons and day spas. Esthetics also has a place in the medical and healthcare fields, professionals with the proper certifications can work in medical spas performing botox treatments and more aggressive skin services.

This also includes laser hair removal, micro-blading, and permanent makeup.

Jenks Beauty College provides the foundational education needed to become licensed as a basic esthetician and to continue with the education needed  to specialize in the medical wellness field.

The Jenks Difference  

Plain and simple, we are here to provide a thorough and well-rounded beauty education for those interested in pursuing a rewarding, and financially stable career.

On average the cost of attending a cosmetology or esthetics program in the United States ranges anywhere from just under $10,000 to more than $20,000.

At Jenks Beauty College, we’re interested in training skilled professionals. Our cost of attendance is significantly lower, and – depending on your financial aid eligibility – this can mean a much lower out-of-pocket cost.
Jenks Beauty College and our sister school, Sand Springs Beauty College, have provided cosmetology and esthetics education to the suburbs of Tulsa for several decades. With a board-exam pass rate of more than 90%, you can trust you will get an education that you can use to reach your goals.

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