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Who is Beauty School For?

You have been contemplating being a cosmetologist for years. Since the day you “accidentally” cut your younger sister’s hair and tried to blame it on the dog, in fact. It has been a dream that has been heavy in your mind since that fateful day, but now that it is finally here and you are steps away from enrolling, you are wondering if it’s right for you.
Will you fit in? Is this career a good fit? Are you good enough?
Do not fear. Everyone has these moments of worry, and if you find yourself here take a look at our five points that will help put them at ease.

  1. Your Creativity Shines!

    Beauty School PathYou have always been a creative person, you find yourself watching the hairstyles in movies or videos on DIY hair masks and successfully replicating them. You are always begging your friends to let you try the newest color technique and making masterpieces on their hair, or hosting your own spa night. That creativity is begging for an outlet and pursuing a career in cosmetology can give you just that.

  2. You Aren’t Afraid To Fail!

    Anything you do in life is going to be a trial, and sometimes you will fail. But with every little “fail” you experience, you grow twice as much in the other direction! While fails may be scary, you are ready to embrace each one to become a master in your field. Whether you are a hair cutting master, or a waxing maven – you are ready to fight.

  3. You Love Making Friends!

    Beauty School PathTalking to people doesn’t scare you, and making friends comes easy. You love getting to know people and hearing their stories, whether they be in your chair, or sitting next to you in class. Learning together with a group of amazing friends seems like a dream come true, and that’s exactly what is going to happen in cosmetology school!

  4. Hard Work Doesn’t Scare You!

    Beauty School PathWhile some people shy away from digging in deep, you are always the first to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done. Getting messy doesn’t scare you, whether it’s mixing hair dye, applying mud masks, or anything in between. You are ready to tackle it, and have baby wipes and paper towels ready to manage any messes.

  5. Your Passion Runs Deep.

    Even though you worry about if you will fit in in beauty school, you are driven by a heavy need to follow your dreams, and to make this your everyday. You are ready to wake up every morning and do something you love, and you know this is it. You are ready to follow your dreams.

Feeling better? We hope so, because our next cosmetology class starts soon and we would love to have you join us! That career in beauty is calling, don’t make it wait any longer.

What Can You Do With an Esthetician’s License in Oklahoma

If you are thinking of pursuing an esthetics license in Oklahoma, you are probably wondering what you can do once you have sat for the state boards and have that shiny license in hand. The answer is easy: a lot more than you think. A quick online search found over 200 job listings for estheticians local to Jenks – that’s a lot of need!
If you are looking into pursuing esthetics as a career, here are some amazing things you can do with it.

    • Waxing Salon

      What can I do as an Esthetician
      While waxing may seem like an add on to an ordinary day at the salon, many waxing specific salons have begun popping up, offering specialized hair removal services including traditional waxing, sugaring, and threading. Waxing is a steadily growing offshoot within esthetics that is in need of some talented individuals to help it grow.

    • Day Spa

      What can I do as an Esthetician
      This is perhaps the career path that most people associate with an esthetics future. Working in a day spa will allow you to utilize all of the expertise you learned in school, from waxing to facials to makeup. And as the spa industry continues to boom and grow at a rate of 59% per year, positions are always opening up as the demand increases. Esthetics truly is a hungry industry, looking for well trained players to fill their ranks.

    • Management

      What can I do as an EstheticianIn order to receive your esthetics license you will be training in the basics of business and salon management. These are valuable courses that can open up a wide variety of doors for students in the future, creating the possibility to manage a spa, or even own one. If you dream of owning a spa and bringing a custom experience to customers, you can make that dream come true.

Are you convinced? We wouldn’t blame you, esthetics truly is a future full of possibility, with hundreds of job opportunities that could be available to you.
Ready to get started? Contact our admissions office today and get ready to change your life.

Love Your Skin! Skincare Tips to Make You Shine!

heart made of skin lotion

At Jenks Beauty College, we love the skin we’re in! Our esthetics students are here to learn how to make their clients feel the same way. That’s why we’ve partnered with skincare leader Dermalogica. We know that, at every age, skin problems can be a burden. Here are a few things you can do for your skin at any age.

For every age, skin needs a good SPF, exfoliation, a good cleanser for your skin type, and you need to drink lots of water. These rules will reign true for each of these age groups!

Teens to Late 20s

Remember to wash your face. It may seem trivial, but washing your face twice in a day, once in the morning and once at night, will help keep oiliness at bay.
Hands off. Avoid touching or picking at your face. This can clog pores and create acne.
Avoid a diet that is high in sugar. Sugar causes bacterial growth on your skin, resulting in acne.
Find an esthetician that can help you achieve your goals.

Late 20s to Late 30s

Moisturize. The sun isn’t the only part of mother nature that can wear your skin down. Protect your skin from a variety of other environmental factors by using a moisturizer.
Start adding anti-aging products into your routine.
If you don’t have one already, get yourself an esthetician you can trust. They can help you get the right products and treatments for your skin.

Early 40s to Late 50s

Create your own skincare routine. Every age requires a new skincare routine. Your skin is growing and changing just like you. Your needs in your 20s will differ from the needs in your 30s. Make sure to find a product that fits you. As we’ve mentioned before, find an esthetician who can help you make the right skincare decisions.
Collagen. Keep your skin supple and wrinkle free by adding a moisturizer with collagen to your routine.
Focus on your under-eye area. The skin under your eyes is delicate. Find a product that will help you keep that area moisturized and firm.

Late 50s and Above

Antioxidant rich moisturizers and eye creams. This will help keep down inflammation.
Add a retinoid to your nighttime routine. Retinoids help pores become smaller. They also boost collagen.
Moisture! Finding a moisturizer that is also an SPF is a bonus!

There are several products you can purchase to help accomplish the skincare goals you want, but there are also a few DIY options out there, too! Check out these recipes for easy-to-make masks to use when you can’t get to our student spa! Do you have any skincare tips? Share them with us on social media!

The best tip we can give above all is to love your skin! If you love the skin you’re in, you will have a youthful, inviting glow that comes from within. Make sure to check out the services we offer in our spa, and see what one of our student estheticians can do for you. If you’re interested in helping people look their best, check out our esthetics program!

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